Skype Instruction

I am delighted that Skype evaluation and follow-up can help cellists make significant and lasting changes to their playing.  In Skype lessons, the student receives guidance and immediate feedback as they are led through exercises and techniques presented at  Although Skype lessons do not provide certain advantages of in-person instruction, they do allow students the opportunity to ask questions, discuss sensations, and ultimately be led down the optimal path toward balanced, pain-free playing.

1 thought on “Skype Instruction

  1. Erica Hefner

    Good Afternoon!
    My name is Erica Hefner and I am an orchestra director in Charlotte, NC. I am on a committee who is planning a professional development day for our orchestra directors on January 24, 2017.
    We are interested in exploring the possibility of bringing you in to do a few sessions on cello technique, performer health, and your session on Dysmusia. We really enjoyed perusing your website, and think you will have a lot to offer our teachers. I look forward to speaking with you!
    Erica Hefner



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