Spring Action and Flexibility

Ivan Galamian has written, “The right arm technique is based on a system of springs . . . The springs are not necessarily loose all of the time.  We can, and we have to, set them at various degrees of firmness . . . But even though the springs can occasionally be very firm, they must never lose their basic spring-like quality by becoming actually rigid.”  This same system may be applied to both arms, and refers to the support necessary when one is maintaining balance.  Springs are by their nature a reactive force – in order for spring action to work, the spring (our joints) must work in response to pressure, and in our case, pressure derived from weight.  In order to transfer weight most effectively from the arms to any given contact point it is necessary to experience and use the spring action of our wrist and finger joints.

3 thoughts on “Spring Action and Flexibility

  1. Octavius

    How do I bow lightly with this new way of bowing? Is the deltoid muscle responsible or the whole arm? Or is it something else?


    1. emorrow2014 Post author

      Sorry for my delayed response – I just saw your message! You are correct, w
      hatever weight you do not rest on the string has to be held (supported ) by the deltoid muscle.



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