Defining Planes

This area is presented for the purpose of definingplane geometry the “bow plane” – that is, the path on which the bow, a three-dimensional object, travels through space.  The issue of “balancing” on the plane is addressed under Right Hand/Arm Balance.  Understanding and subsequently experiencing balance requires sensitivity and awareness to spatial orientation.  We tend to approach our instrument as if we are dealing with two dimensions:  up and down, or back and forth.  The reality of curved surfaces can distort our perception and disorient us in our relationship to the instrument.

In order to better experience balance, we need to envision, embrace and organize the instrument’s curvature by defining the planes of our work area.  Once this area is defined, we can explore how our body balances on a given plane, and then, how to move with balance between planes.  It is helpful to consider that the bow has a path already pre-defined by the plane.  It is our job simply to ensure that the bow remains on its pre-determined path, and not to define the path.

3 thoughts on “Defining Planes

  1. Matthieu Becquart

    yes, very interesting – I am working on the analogy between the golf swing and the bowing strokes – And what you describe is exactly what Ben Hogan calls the “pane of glass” – May I add 2 things : we can include the shoulders inside the plane, during a backswing for instance, ben Hogan says that the shoulders must “brush” the “pane of glass” – 2nd thing : he also says that due to the shape of the human body and arms we can not be completely inside the “pane of brush” during the entire backswing/upbow – At the beginning of the backswing (when the bow is at the tip for us) the arm is not parallel nor inside the “pane of glass” – But when the hands reach the hips (backswing) the left arm (right arm for us) becomes parallel to the “pane of glass” and at the end of the backswing (when the bow is at tthe frog for us), yes, the arm, shoulders and club are inside the “pane of glass” – In the downswing the idea is the same but the angle of the “pane of glass” is a little bit different says Ben Hogan – Maybe same for us on the down bow –



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